The Coolest Penguins on the Blockchain

Pesky Penguins is a deflationary collection of 8888 8607 NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. Every Penguin is completely unique! But not every Penguin is here to stay…

Watch out, Penguins! THE SNOWBALL is coming!

Get your penguins from Magic Eden, Alpha Art, DigitalEyes, or FTX before The Snowball does!

Snowdrift graphic
Animated gif of some Pesky Penguins

The Snowball??

The Snowball removes Pesky Penguins from circulation.

A portion of every aftermarket sale is added to The Snowball (account). When it gets large enough, The Snowball rolls through Solana marketplaces and picks up the cheapest Pesky Penguins β€” β€œsweeping the floor.”

These Penguins are taken out of circulation (β€œburned”), which reduces the overall supply of Pesky Penguins.

This rewards diamond hand Penguin hodlers by raising the floor price and reducing supply, putting upward price pressure on all Pesky Penguin NFTs.

The result? Penguins to the moon, baby! πŸš€πŸŒ”πŸ§

A collage of penguins


September 2021

  • βœ… Create the Penguins!
  • βœ… Create Twitter account
  • βœ… Stand up Discord
  • βœ… Discord Giveaways!

October 2021

  • βœ… Pesky Penguins website
  • βœ… Reveal roadmap
  • βœ… Add Penguins to Candy Machine
  • βœ… Initial Penguin sale!
  • βœ… Get verified on marketplaces
  • βœ… The Snowball starts rolling
  • βœ… Discord bot for marketplace sales
  • βœ… Launch giveaways!
  • βœ… Build the Penguin Graveyard
  • βœ… Implement Discord verification for Pengu holders
  • βœ… Build Official Rarity Tool
  • βœ… Halloween Giveaway!

November 2021

  • βœ… Administrative tasks
  • βœ… Thanksgiving giveaways!

December 2021

  • ⬛ Implement Devblog
  • ⬛ High-res artwork update
  • ⬛ Begin building NOOTOPIA (details still secret!)
  • ⬛ Winter solstice giveaways!
Snowdrift graphic
Animated gif of some Pesky Penguins

Pesky Tokenomics

Initial Mint8668
Community Giveaways176
Dev Team24
Marketing / Influencers20
Maximum Supply8888

The Pesky Penguin Team

Picture of NFK


Community / Creative Direction

Runs the Discord. Runs the Twitter. Runs the contests. Writes the Lore. Draws Island Boiz pengus and posts them online (sorry not sorry).

Picture of Non-Fungible Penguin

Non-Fungible Penguin


Builds websites. Puts Penguins on the blockchain. Gravekeeper. Nootopia Architect.


How do I get a Pesky Penguin?

Our initial mint is over, but that doesn't mean you can't get a Pesky Penguin! Penguin lovers like you are trading their noots on the open market.

Head to one of these marketplaces to pick up a Pesky Penguin of your very own:

How many Pesky Penguins are there?

There were 8888 Pesky Penguins when our initial mint completed. Since then, the Snowball has started rolling, and some Penguins are no longer with us πŸ˜”

To remember our fallen bretheren, head on over to our Graveyard page.

How does The Snowball work?

The Snowball is the account with which the Pesky Penguins Candy Machine is signed. It has the authority to burn any Penguins it owns.

Periodically, we will head over to verified marketplaces and "sweep the floor" (buy the cheapest penguins available) using the Snowball account.

Every penguin The Snowball takes posession of will be burned, taking it out of circulation. To see which noots have been removed from the total supply, visit our Graveyard page.

Is there an aftermarket sales royalty?

Yes; royalties enable The Snowball! Every Pesky Penguin traded on the open market is subject to a 5% royalty, which is divided as follows:

  • 2% to The Snowball
  • 3% to the dev team

The dev team royalties are used to cover recurring fees such as web hosting and domain registration, to cover income tax for both the Snowball and team wallets, and are used to support the ongoing development of the project. Snowball funds are used ONLY for reducing the overall supply of Penguins.

Snowball Account: pEsKY...2NX9k

πŸ’– from the Pesky Penguin Team 🐧