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Welcome to Nootopia!

Now that you're here, we invite you to stay. Adopt a penguin to join one of web3's most passionate communities with innovative tech and iconic pixel art.

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Penguins Are Family

Pesky Penguins are an OG Solana collection! Ever since our October 2021 mint, we have been building for the good of the entire Solana ecosystem while manifesting positive vibes and "noot noot" energy. If you're looking for a tight-knit group of alpha callers, meme-slingers, and fun-loving web3 degens, come noot with us in Discord!

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The Snowball

The Pesky Penguins collection is designed to be deflationary. As we earn royalties and generate revenue, we contribute funds to The Snowball which is a burn mechanism to reduce the collection size.
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Pesky Penguins E Pluribus Nootum

Degenerate Fun

Pesky Penguins are all about having fun in web3! In addition to interactive storytelling events, rich lore, and a vibrant community, Pesky Penguins has also developed a revolutionary new game that lets you earn prizes for up to 24 hours!

Noot Money

In Noot Money, players race each other to find the secret answer. Every guess you submit distributes prize money to other players from the last 24 hours, and qualifies you to win prizes for the next 24 hours!

If you discover the secret answer, you get a majority of EVERY transaction...until the next winner is found!

Don't waste your money on rug pulls -- come get some of this Noot Money instead!

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